Andrew Byham (the father) makes hand carved wooden bowls and spoons Andrew started whittling spoons and bowls simply for relaxation, switch off “me” time, looking for a creative escape in an increasingly digital world.

Design is driven by the materials tools and techniques, drawing inspiration from a talented community of green woodworkers. Spoons, bowls and kuksas must be primarily functional and are to be used in every day life.

Wood is sourced through local conservation and land management projects such as National Trust and Lynchmere Society, providing access to the perfect materials - typically Rowan, Beech and Cherry green wood.

Andrew takes wood that’s destined for the bonfire and turn it into something useful.

Caring for woodenware

All items are made to be used. They are made from wood suitable for their purpose and finished in food grade linseed oil. Spoons and bowls should be washed in hot soapy water, not a dishwasher. They shouldn't be left to soak in water for too long. 

Over time and after a lot of use they may start to look a little dull. A simple wipe over with a thin coating of linseed or walnut oil will bring them back to life. These oils  dry hard, whareas vegetable or olive oil will stay sticky. 

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