Sam (the son) makes Bushcraft, Kitchen and Utility knives from scratch, most commonly from a high carbon 01 Tool steel which provides great edge retention. 

The knives are then hand ground, heat treated and tempered to a hardness of around 58 to 59 Rockwell before being finish ground, hand sanded and handled with carefully selected hardwoods. 

Some knives have hand stitched Leather sheaths, which are made to custom fit each knife. 

Videos of my craft process can be found on my youtube channel


As the knives are made from a high carbon 01 tool steel, providing great edge retention, they are liable to rusting or taking on a patina if not cared for.

Bushcraft Knives: In order to prevent this, the knives should never be put away wet or damp and should be regularly oiled lightly with a general purpose oil (3-IN-ONE works well in not intended for food use).

Kitchen Knives: The kitchen knives will take on a patina as a result of the high carbon content in the steel. To prevent them from rusting, they should be only hand washed (Not put in a Dishwasher) and not left wet or damp. Rust can be cleaned off with a scourer if the knife is left damp. It is also recomended to oil lighly with a food safe oil (E.G. Sunflower oil) if the knife is being stored for a longer period of time.

Buying guidlines

UK dictates you must be 18 or over to buy a knife. If you would like to buy one of the knives here please complete your order and pay via PayPal. I will then email you to ask for proof of age - ideally a scan or photo of driving licence or passport. I will delete the photo immediately after verificaton. 

If you can't provide proof of age I'll refund the purchase.

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