Nest of Beech bowls #51 & #52


A pair of Beech bowls turns as a nest ... well, sort of! Really really clever bowl turners, and I don't yet count myself as one of them, can take a huge piece of wood and turn 4, sometimes 5 bowls out of it, each one taken from the core of the previous one. They then stack like a set of Russian dolls. This is my secoind attempt at a bowl nest, so I'm a bit proud of it!

Turned from Beech wood from Blackdown in Surrey, turned on a foot powered lathe, finished with linseed oil.

The larger bowl is 21cm diameter along it's narrowest section, 5cm tall, and plenty big enough for salad for two. The smaller bowl is just 10cm diemeter and 3.5cm tall, just right for salt, pepper, capers or cornichon.

Bowls #51 & #52