Plum eating spoons


Two spoons carved green from a Plum. I tried carving this Plum last year, gave up after one spoon as it's SOOO hard, tried making bowls that were lovely but often cracked, made some stool legs from them which worked. I did vow never to make a second Plum spoon, but caved in and gave it another try with freshly sharpened tools, and so glad I did. The figuring and colour on this wood is second to none, with gorgeous purple flecks run through the heart wood

Both are decorated with chip carving, #96 with a flowing line, #97 with a knurled handle.

Both tool finished, no sanding, and treated with food safe Tung Oil.

  • #96 curved design, 17cm long Sold Out
  • #97 knurled handle, 18cm long